The Bridge Has Launched

The Bridge is a new Vancouver (the Real Vancouver) non-profit that significantly improves the success rate of early stage, high-impact companies in Southwest Washington and the surrounding region.

We connect startups with mentors, investors and service providers from a deep network of successful individuals and companies. These are people who understand the journey of a startup and how to truly impact its growth. 

Our approach to providing advice to startups is different in that it is active. At The Bridge, we roll up our sleeves and work alongside entrepreneurs to get things done. We are focused on taking the actions that will have the most significant and immediate effect on a company’s growth with a view to developing the strategies that will support long-term success.

A Bridge member typically has one formal advisory meeting each week. In addition to this the member is expected to work with members of the team (and wider network of supporters) on a wide range of activities that might include:

  • Business model development
  • Investor pitch
  • Financial projections (proforma statements)
  • Social media strategy
  • Website development
  • Brand strategy
  • Setting up accounting processes
  • Hiring plan
  • Product development
  • Crowd funding

We are a Lean shop. We practice it. We teach it. We live it. It has been proven that Lean Startup allows for an evidence-based methodology that builds increased stability as a business grows. Lean’s other primary advantage is to offer a path to answer ambiguity and make decisions. This saves countless hours of discussion and argument and will accelerate your growth when implemented correctly. 

Our network of successful founders, entrepreneurs, the startup-curious and service providers are top shelf. We actively hunt to continually surround our members with passionate, engaged and influential people who understand the journey of a startup and can help them on that path. 

A large part of what we do is build and connect the startup community through events. Events educate, inform, and connect founders. There are opportunities to meet people at Open Coffee and Founders’ Liquid Therapy (both held monthly) and attend expert panels on key areas such as investing, customer discovery and market strategy.

The Bridge is for high impact businesses that are engaged in or hope to be engaged in interstate and internet commerce. Such businesses are scalable and have the ambition to grow. Some, but not all, need outside investment to provide the momentum they need. All such businesses have the potential to significantly improve the region’s economy and culture.

Is The Bridge for you?

There is plenty of room for you in the bridge community. No matter where you are with your startup. If it’s your first time building a startup through its stages then our open and educational events are a great place to start immersing yourself and meeting others on the journey of building a company.