They need critical knowledge to help them make the best choices. They need expert guidance and mentorship. They need strong communities to support them. And they need capital to fuel their growth. None of this happens by accident.


The key to successful startups is the mentorship, and relevant expertise and guidance they receive in their early stages. The Bridge has a select program for qualified high impact and scalable businesses to give them this vital guidance.

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Every Startup needs to engage with the resources and people around them. We bring together successful local founders and business experts the help early stage entrepreneurs learn critical skills necessary for them to grow. Each event brings great people together to learn great things.

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When your startup is ready for more personalized and direct information and guidance to help you grow – we have programs to help accelerate your growth. Each program is a short term weekly small group focussed on building your startup. We focus each group on the needs of different business types and stages.

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The Bridge pulls the regions most powerful and motivated startup founders and puts them within reach of your startup. Their experience in marketing, finance, business development and technology can make the difference between your success and years of struggle.  We host great events about the subjects that matter most for young startups. We have incredible programs to help you navigate the growth of your company at any stage. Our focus is on your success, everything we do is designed to build your company and our community of founders in the region. A community where you learn from the people just ahead of you. A community where everyone supports each other to help them succeed.

A community like that doesn't happen by accident.

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